Many companies receive large volumes of unsolicited sales outreach in the form of annoying cold calls and spam. The Vendor Screening Service™ can direct some or all of them to an online portal where the vendor now has the opportunity to quantify their value proposition specifically for you. This enables more productive use of your and your staff's time. What's more, it creates a more useful, long-term approach to serving your organization's I.T. needs.  Below, we invite you to calculate the potential benefit of this service to your organization:


Number of unsolicited sales calls (phone) to your organization: calls per week
Average time your organization spends on each call: minutes per call
Average billable rate of staff who deal with these calls: $ per hour
Portion of these calls you would want re-directed to the Portal: percent
Value of time saved in one year:


Your ROI calculation should factor-in the price. Corporate buyers who use Vendor Screening Service have two options:


1. Free for the buyer. Sellers pay a subscription and use the portal to interact with the the buyer. TDN facilitates a dialogue and provides relevant background information as well as feedback based on knowledge of the buyer's needs.


2. Buyer pays a technology license. The portal can be operated directly by the buyer and customized to look like the buyer's web site. In this model, TDN does not facilitate the conversations or provide guidance to sellers.

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