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Need: Most direct-response (DR) web sites don't enable understanding of a product's practical value from the standpoint of the individual customer.
Offering: Creative Spark produces interactive DR media focused on the "personalized" value proposition of a product or service: its practical value to the buyer. This enables prospective customers to consider the product on a more personal basis.
Impact: Improved sales performance, as a result of highly-qualified sales leads in larger numbers.
Case Study: Online response rates for a major financial institution's DRTV campaigns were significantly lower than expected. Creative Spark built a new site that greeted users with a video host articulating a clear benefits statement on the home page. The interactive experience featured rich media educational content, including a dynamic rates widget that made it easier for prospective borrowers to understand the what type of product would be best for them, based on what they could afford. In addition, the web site utilized multiple direct response best practices to encourage users to start the process with a free home loan consultation. Increased qualified leads by 295%.

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