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Optimizing pricing
to close your
value gaps.
Need: Underpricing your product by one percent can mean a 20% reduction in net profit. Overpricing can cause missed sales. Yet many companies set their price based upon their costs or gut feeling rather than the value delivered to customers.
Offering: The McKinney Group’s “Differentiated-
Value Pricing” sets the right price. It quantifies the value your products and services create and determines prices that maximize total net profit.
Impact: Improved earnings through a pricing strategy based on the value customers assign to product benefits.
Case Study: When a $20MM B2B client was ready to introduce two new products, they asked for help setting pricing that would maximize total net profit. The two products were near identical but served two distinct markets with different competitors and customer demands. The McKinney Group used Differentiated-Value Pricing to develop two distinct pricing strategies. Both new products were launched successfully. Also, the sales process became simpler because the value proposition was supported with procedures and marketing materials based on Differentiated-Value Pricing.

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