TDN Vendor Screening Service™ gives sellers the chance to put their best foot forward by spotlighting the unique value they offer to buyers. There are three levels of participation to communicate with each prospective customer:


1. Free Registration. At no cost, you may submit your contact information and a brief benefit statement.  Buyers will see this information and compare your offering to those of other vendors.


2. Subscription – Initiation Fee. You can choose to provide more information. For a fee commensurate with the value you offer, you can present a complete value proposition and a customer case study.


3. Subscription – Monthly Dues. To maintain a current, ongoing dialogue with buyers, you are advised to pay on a monthly basis. This enables you to update your value proposition and keep it near the top of the list on the report that buyers receive.

Vendors interested in reaching one or more buyers represented by TDN, please contact: